Mediatization, Polarization, and Intolerance (Between Environments, Media, and Circulation)

Por em 7 de maio de 2021


  • Jairo Ferreira
  • Antônio Fausto Neto
  • Pedro Gilberto Gomes
  • José Luiz Braga
  • Ana Paula da Rosa

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Publisher (editora): FACOS – UFSM

Santa Maria (Brazil) 2021

This book is one of the results of the III International Seminar on Research on Mediatization and Social Processes held in 2019. The III International Seminar on Research on Mediatization and Social Processes had a program developed on two levels: Debate Tables, with invited researchers (five discussion tables, with the participation of researchers from France (3), Argentina (2), Germany (1), and Brazil (5). The schedule of the III Seminar and its structure can be seen at
In total, there were 15 hours of debates at the five Discussion Tables. Methodologically, the Seminar takes place in the articulation of Debate Tables with international guests and Working Groups with the presence of researchers, doctors, doctoral students, masters, and masters’ degree students.
We point out that, even in the scope of training processes, master’s and doctoral students, masters and doctors, post-doctors and post-doctoral graduates, and members of the organizing Research Group take part as reviewers, in a blind evaluation process, of the expanded abstracts submitted by graduates with a lower title – under the coordination of the research professors from the Mediatization and Social Processes Group. They evaluated (in a group of more than three dozen reviewers) each of the works submitted by colleagues with a lower instructional level, with classificatory notes, which resulted in the approved works. They were then grouped by the Organizing Committee, successively, until they reached the event’s working groups.