Work Groups 2020 (WGs) – ENGLISH



  The Annals of Expanded Abstracts are now available, containing the list of works to be presented in each Work Groups (WG).  Access here:


Each work presented occupies a total time of fifty minutes, being:

Apresentation: 07 minutes (in rooms with consecutive translation) or 10 minutes (in rooms without consecutive translation)

Debate: 30 to 40 minutes (maximum)

NOTE: Some groups of work contain authors who speak more than one language.  In such cases, there will be consecutive translation.

Sending of PPTs

We recommend everyone to use slides in their presentations.

We offer two template options, click to download:

Template 1 – In English – CLICK HERE!

Template 2 – Bilingual (English / Portuguese or English / Spanish) – CLICK HERE!

The preparation of the slides in English aims to facilitate international communications and subsidize the work of consecutive translation, which will be available in the WGs.  In this way, each author can speak in their own language.

The slides sent by the authors will be published in Annals of Expanded Abstracts.

Attention: ppts should be sent preferably until 11/04/2020 12/15/2020 to the email with the subject “Slides IV Seminar”.

 We remind that it is necessary to register/pay to participate in the event.  These resources allow the sustainability of the event, which, this year, being online and bilingual, has additional costs compared to previous editions.

Any doubts can be answered by email